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Bleach Storage Tanks - Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tanks

Bleach Storage Tanks have a few special requirements.
Bleach tanks that do not match these needs will not last as long.

  • The right resin must be used.  Our Bleach storage tanks are made from HDPE.  Exxon research shows it is far superior to XLPE for bleach storage.
  • Bleach must be protected from sunlight (ultra-violet rays).  We offer opaque color tanks for use outdoors.  Translucent tanks can be utilized for indoor use.
  • Fittings must be made from the right material.  HDPE, Polypropylene and PVC fittings are good.  PVDF is great but very expensive.
  • Viton gaskets work best if you need gaskets.  HDPE flanges and couplings therm-welded to the tank eliminate gaskets.
  • Stay away from metal bolts and fittings.  Only very expensive metals like titanium or hastalloy are compatible.

Check out the chemical compatibility page for Bleach Storage Tanks

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